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Fastenal Company is an American company based in Winona, Minnesota. Distributing goods used by other businesses, it has over 2,200 branches throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Europe along with 13 distribution centers. Fastenal resells industrial, safety, and construction supplies and offers services including inventory management, manufacturing, and tool repair.

An employee shares his experience on, ""Understaffed, underpaid and overworked. Extremely high turnover at Fastenal stores based on cut backs at various times of the year. Constant changes to your pay and the labor model. Lack of help in the store makes day to day branch operations very difficult. Fastenal hires lots of part time for very important jobs and the part time employees have no concept of doing a good job because they are looking for full time work."


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Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Makes money in every purchase"

Former Employee - Tech Lead says

"Management is biggest enemy of employees"

Current Employee - Developer says

"1. Mac Laptops being provided to foolish and idle people. (Java Team) 2. The seniors here are technically incapable, and even Java for Dummies wouldn't suffice for their level. 3. Project Lead has no knowledge of anything except politics. (even a fresher is technically more capable and mature)"

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"It is an organization with no policy, everything is at the mercy of management (Especially two of them). To survive here either you have to keep quite as you don’t breath or bark at them so they don’t breath. Unfit to be called as a Software Company. Whatever complaints you make against management don’t know where they go. They take exit interview when they are not open to opinions/Complaints. Not sure what you want to do to make them believe you, some people are successful tough & some are still struggling. No proper process for anything right from Interview to exit. You don’t know when teams will come and go. Unhealthy environment to work & suffocates you. The management you see when join is the not the one who you will see again. No Goals, No agenda, No focus, it’s a company which neither has vision nor mission. It’s a split ferry with b/w India & HQ, they got a new sailor, who even doesn’t like to step in, and he wants to build his own ferry. Good Luck!!"

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Worst ever company I worked for, they don’t care for employees. You will need to shake your head what your US team says and work on it, otherwise you will be in competent and gives way to exit. Company make double digit profit but management here says Fastenal in trouble brainless. Most of Management in India are puppets of US management and just hear what they say. You will be tossed like ball between teams and teams will be dissolved over night. Lots of attrition both in INDIA AND US office especially in IT department. Nothing is stable here. High level tech team don’t opt for correct tool or application and finally most of project stops in between and all of those hired and worked will be fired over night. HR team helpless, dummy manager roll."

Current Employee - Developer says

"Everything... Management, HR, policies... Every member of management team should go through rigorous training on communication skills, behavioral skills. Very bad experience working here. Only best time I had here when I put down my papers and saved my future. Read all reviews here, you will know the truth...!"


"From all the reviews you might have already understood what kind of company it is. But still you think you want to try then they will take you for ride. More than 200 offers have been sent out and no body wants to join and about people who are in already are either don't have courage to get out or company is paying huge retaining bonus for them.there can't be any other reason. Out of 90 odd strength 40 are freshers' and please don't assume that it's start up. As no body else wanna join this company they went ahead and started to recruit from only particular college . To get appraisal you just have to impress the head and thats it!!"

Current Employee - Senior Developer says

"College style management who thinks management is the principal of the company and HR is the HOD. They make rules which are not favorable to employees. Micromanagement. Kiddish behavior from management. Firing employees with silly reasons. Biased towards few employee."


"> Sub-standard work quality, wont recommend any one to join > Employees are not provided with opportunity to grow. Incompetent leads , good for nothing > Irregular and ambiguous appraisal cycles > Favoritism and Preferential treatment for most of the employees > Higher management can go back on there words anytime, they will promise bonus and by the end of year nothing will be provided. > No Transparency in management decisions made. > Awful work culture, with worst HR policies Like no carry forward of leaves > Even if you are working from home for lets say 3 hours that as well needs to be tracked via Leave management system > A Product based company where higher management belongs to a service based , hence don't expect any perks of a product based firm. > Micromanagement , you are bound to spent 9 hours at office excluding the time spent at washrooms. > Employees are treated as mere resources, even house keeping staff where they have to deliver chai, water etc to Higher management rooms"

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"- Policies don't mean a thing in this place. - Anyone can be fired at any time. I've seen notice periods vary from 1 day to 3 months based on managements call. Final settlement & relieving letter is on management's discretion. - Salary can be revised at any point of time. Agreements don't mean a thing here. - Managers are very outdated technically and tactically. They are not even good at playing mind games. Every trick they play is pretty obvious, yet muscle their way with the position they have. - Most of them try to project others work as theirs. This is true especially with managers. - General practice is to hire new people for projects. Get some bakra to finish the project, pushing him to this limits. Then they fire the guy and let the idiots(with petty salaries) manage the maintenance work. - There is absolutely no good way to part ways with this company. Management will screw your life while leaving the company. - Company's future in India is doubtful as far as the technical team is concerned. - One should not have any self respect to survive in that environment. I regret meeting the management there. Worst thing to have happened to my life. Nobel peace price can be awarded to any sincere guy working there for more than one years."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"The most unorganized company. Do not understand how they became so big. Must be different out west. I am only continuing this review because I didn't use enough...none"

Sortation Lead (Former Employee) says

"Never I have u ever experienced anything like this place there don’t value any employee and don’t pay enough for what the have you do the treat temp as if they where slaves they would expect them to skip breaks sometimes they very unsafe 56th and guion has the worst Fastenal branch tour better workin at McDonald’s"

Sales Associate/Intern (Former Employee) says

"If you want a job where you do the work and other people reap the benefits, this is for you. Management is apathetic. Experienced employees are rude and unwilling to help. The only thing worse than the menial labor is the people that work there.NoneToo many to list"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"if you like running the store while the actual store manager stands around or is out of the store for 6 to 7 hours a day than this job is for you. Oh and you must be ok with being given his job duties while he takes credit for it all."

General Manager (GM) says

"If you want to succeed in this company, do not worry about working hard or hitting sales goals. None of that matters. What matters is which "club" you belong to, and you better pick the right one because loyalties are constantly shifting. Upper management is very distant and most times issues will never make it past your GM even if you go to you DM. If you have any issues DO NOT report them. You WILL be retaliated against. This could be a very good company to work for if promotions were based off of accomplishments and not sucking up. If you want to re live high school, this is the perfect place for you. If your an adult looking for a career, I wouldnt give them a second glance.Could be a good career if you get in the right locationTo many to list"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"No support for troubled accounts. No incentives to sales or customers outside of unrealistic goals. Back stabbing employees who do not do their own job but get promoted by feeding a never-ending gossip mill. You can quit. It’s still a free country...Everything"

Shipping and Receiving Clerk (Current Employee) says

"If you like working for a company that has a husband and wife basically running the warehouse with no social ability basically social misfits and this would be the company for you it’s ran by the good ole boy system they like to hire felons that have rap sheets a mile long they lie to corporate about the felons that work there being put in jail and then lie About because they are some how still on the payroll. it’s just not a very good companyNoneA bunch of good ole boys"

Branch Operations / Inside Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is run, quite poorly, especially in the Seattle metropolitan area. If you ever voice a valid concern about safety, they will black-ball you, and retaliate. The leadership doesn't know how to analyze basic statistics, and assumes that they have a better understanding of the daily operations of their branches than the employees who run them. The vast majority of hard working employees will leave within the first two years, as the wages they pay are not remotely competitive in the industrial sales market.Mandated breaks and lunches are not honored, Sales personell sit in their trucks all day instead of working"

Picker (Former Employee) says

"This might be the worst job I have ever had in my whole life. I have worked every type of position in my life, and never had to deal with such supervisors and management. They will get on you for anything. There is zero job security in this location. I have seen coworkers being walked out for the most trivial reasons. The moral in this location has to be the worst. The worst is they hire anyone for this job, it is full of ex cons, there were a couple of crazy people who I thought might come back after being escorted out by police officers. once or twice a year they have free lunchshortest break system in area, cameras pointed at you"

Inside Sales (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for 2 years, didn't used to be so bad but over time it's just been going downhill even more. Upper management doesn't ever know what's going on, there are never enough employees, it's very stressful and you are never given any help. You're just another number to them and they could care less about you as a person."

N/a (Former Employee) says

"With my recent experience, initially I thought it was a good place to work. With the manager giving all the talk about advancement within the company. Don’t believe it, they just sell you dreams. Nothing is organised, there is no sense of security and you will be treated like a slave. The manager is a complete racist and does not care about employees well being. Unprofessional and disgusting company to work for.Absolutely nothingEverything"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"They treat all the employees like bad they were unorganized. The supervisors never showed trained or taught us anything. The work environment was stressful and a daily headache."

Outside Sales (Former Employee) says

"Culture which doesn't reward hard work over how well you suck up to your boss. Biggest waste of time was working for thos company. I watched a guy get handed not only a mamagers job, but 2 years later become a district manager when he wasnt actually qualified,but he had a good relationship with his higher up my manager was part time until everyone in the branch quit, then she was5handed the manager job which she never had the ability."

Picker (Former Employee) says

"This place has all the potential to be a great flex job. But in reality it is run by a group of people who should not be in these positions.  You can be the first in, last out, be there during blizzards, be the most productive on the team, and you will get zero feed back. Not even a thank you or good job.  You can be there for 20 years and not even get a thank you when you retire.  You can be the employee of year and month for two years straight and not even get a thank you after a career change.  You can be a single mother with a sick kid and be fired for calling off too much.  You can have a spouse with a terminal illiness and be fired for having to take care of them.  It has cameras pointing on the workers but not on the line where the real safety issues are.  You can complain about a safety issue and be told to keep it quiet or be let go.  Until someone calls OSHA and they fix the problem in a day. This place does not care about its workers and its a shame because it has all the potential but is set up for failure. Could be a great placeManagement needs to go"

All positions (Former Employee) says

"Employees are encouraged to recruit their friends. It becomes obvious later that this is because the company cannot recruit on its own. Once hired, everyone is pressured to give negative reviews of other employees, especially when unrealistic sales goals are not met.NoneEvery day I was there"

Traffic Manager (Former Employee) says

"They expect you to live there and have no work life balance. They pride themselves on being the cheapest company on earth and it is reflected in their pay, benefits, and work life. They will force you to work 2 jobs and pay your for only one and when you complain then they fire you."

Customer Service/Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The branch manager was a thief and stole tools from the branch. He always screamed at the employees and the managers above him did not care. Everyone was only concerned about profits not the employees. I never felt so depressed going to work.Do not apply here."

Maintenance Mechanic (Current Employee) says

"don't care about there employees at all especially with the virus going around no one ware mask gloves or practice social disistant its not a good company to work for at all"

Customer Site Warehouse Support (Former Employee) says

"Managers are Trash. they sit on their computer all day and monitor all of your moves. I can't even take a break to get water without them asking me if I'm done with my work. Some managers are very nice, but most of them are plain lazy then act really active when the district manager comes to your store/warehouse. Job is a whole joke, they only give quarterly raises when the minimum wages are bumped up at your state. worked there for three years just to stay at $17 for those whole two years."

Sales Specialist (Current Employee) says

"If your not a male or a female who knows her assets you wont get far with this company all you are to them is another spoke in there wheel the medical is a joke don't sign up for it. There turn over rate isn't high because no one applies for the low wage jobs that work the low man on the totem pole to the ground while mangers walk in whatever time they want and have others do there delivery'smonday- fridayalot"